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Thailand, a country I would have never expected to see such beautiful cars in. These jewels lay hidden right on the outskirts of Bangkok. As I visited Thailand I was invited by my good friend Okumi to attend a meet called the Renn Drive. Not knowing what to expect, I happily accepted and when I was informed that RWB Thailand was coming down, my heart immediately raced as I would never have thought I would ever set my eyes upon one, let alone a handful of them. So this is where I would like to commence my coverage and I hope you will enjoy it just as much as I have. Keep in mind before you scroll down any further I would advise to have a tissue box ready just in case of any accidents.1
Okumi came to pick me up with his beautiful 240z (I’ll get to Okumi’s 240z later on during the post but expect a full feature on it very soon) around 8am and we headed straight onto the highway. The heat was already getting to me and I was sweating like a pig but I set that aside as I couldn’t wait to see the cars that were awaiting us.

As we were cruising along the highway, there it was…my first sighting of a RWB, looking so graceful and elegant while cruising. It was love at first sight some may say.

Okumi knew the owner of this RWB and suggested to make a pit stop at the petrol station for a few of the others to catch up to us. Here I just stood dumbfounded, staring at it, admiring its body, its shape and everything else about it.

Work Wheels are very common amongst the RWB community as they are famous for their custom specifications. I asked the owner of this RWB, how did you get so much dish from your wheels and the owner replies “Naki San flips the barrels over to get that massive dish.” I also asked him if there had been any custom work done on the axle to allow it to extend that far since its really wide, the owner replied, “No internal work was done, everything on the car is stock besides the body kit”; just little information for our fans out there that were curious and wanted to know.

The infamous wing on a wing to compliment the bulging body of the Porsche 911.

We waited for a few more of Okumi’s friends to arrived before we headed out.

I opted to go in another car to get some rolling shots of these two beauties.

After a good 40 minute drive, we finally arrived at the front of a shopping center where the meet was to be held. I can pretty much say I walked straight into heaven.

The number of RWB’s that were there was simply astonishing. I have been told that Thailand has the most RWB’s in one country after Japan.. I was literally drooling over every single one. Eight of out ten RWB’s attended, but it didn’t matter to me. I was happy just seeing one.

They call her Painkiller, after their racing team Painkiller Racing. Yep, the guy that owns this is a race car driver.

Rough Evolution was the 1st ever RWB to be made in Thailand owned by Chin who is also the owner of Autohaus Thailand. Little did we know that 9 more RWB’s would be made after this. I dub this the White Knight of Thailand.

I’ve seen a few green RWB’s around on the net and back then I always wanted to see one in person. My dream came true. Now my next dream is to drive one now.

Some RWB owners went for a more subtle look, rather than having the widebody bolted on they opted to have it blended it with the body. Going for the rough, tough look or a nice flush elegant look, regardless they all look awesome with that widebody kit.

The Porsche GT3 RS 4.0, lighter than the GT3 RS version with the hood, front fenders and seats all constructed from carbon fibre.

It wasn’t just all RWB’s, this Porsche 993 widebody got me drooling in the heat.

This yellow GT3 RS could possible be the bumble bee of Thailand.

The 911 Targa fitted with the RWB kit, Usually it would have its name printed on the side, but this one doesnt have it, so what should we call it?

Porsche 993 in riviara blue colour. My favorite of them all just because it’s blue.

It wasn’t just all Porches and RWBs, here is Okumi’s 240Z again and next to it is a very rare NSX.

Thailand also has its fair share of European cars such as this sexy M3.

Out of nowhere it started to rain heavily. The unpredictable weather was really quite surprising for me, seeing these beautiful cars getting wet. I guess they all had a good wash…not like they needed it though.

As the cars were getting wet, the owners chilled inside waiting for the rain to stop. I asked one of the owners about this weird weather and he says “It’s quite common here, sometimes it will rain out of nowhere and will rain all day sometimes”. The rain provided a cool atmosphere which was a relief for me as I was about to pass out from the heat. As we were inside chillin’, Okumi’s friend named A insisted that we come by his garage and so we did.

The selection of cars was just unbelievable, the amount of old school classic cars was just heaven for me. I loved each and every single one of them. This is no doubt the best garage in all of Thailand, if not the world!

This is a Sunny B310, Celica TA27, I have never seen anything this clean before ever in Australia.

A rare RX4 stationwagon that looks like it just came out of the factory.

A Skyline ken-mary C110. This is just perfection.

A even owns a Toyota starlet KP71 in what I thought was the kitchen but the whole place is one whole garage!

Most of the cars were covered so we started to unwrap a few of them. We stumbled across this immaculate Hakosuka, everything on this car just looked flawless.

The engine bay was just beautiful, it looked like it had come straight from the factory.

So there you have it guys, my coverage of the Renn drive meet. It was an amazing experience for me and I’ve met some great people that I’ll never forget. Too bad I couldn’t stay longer and covered more cars while I was there, Thailand has some serious cars. I look forward to coming back and experience the car scene once more.



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