Daniel Chin, the lucky owner of this Skyline, previously owned a R34 GT-T and had decided one day to step up his game and chase his dream and own a GTR. This natural progression of owning the “younger brother” of the Skyline family meant that Daniel developed a particular taste and knew exactly what he wanted.


His search initially started locally, however he was unable to find anything that grabbed his attention. He then found himself looking to Japan for the purchase. Being a Skyline owner and having an understanding of what’s available, it’s hard to ignore the biggest GTR reseller; Global Auto to help complete the task.


“Having built up my previous car from stock I had decided the GTR purchase will have had the basic mods done, so I could let someone else blow the money on mods first! I was thinking exhaust, coilovers, some nice rims, ecu, boost controller etc¦ sort of the first things you would do had you started from scratch. That was the plan anyway, until I found this car!”


Daniel’s approach to finding his ideal GTR was a reasonable compromise between a newer example with fewer modifications and an older model with a bit more work done to it. After browsing the Japanese classified on the web, he stumbled upon a limited edition V-Spec II Nur edition that was modified by the respected Midori Seibi Centre workshop. After scrolling through the extensive modification list (seriously! refer to below), and having translated the car history. He had discovered this single owner, low kilometre vehicle.


After the arrival of the car in Australia, Daniel felt that he needed to continue the evolution and build upon the amazing work Midori already performed on the car.


All Japanese car enthusiasts can appreciate the Z-Tune R34. Its history, rarity and outright performance make it a very desirable car. It also looks like a factory special with its beefed up aero components.
So, it’s pretty cool that Daniel decided to add the Nismo R-Tune bonnet, Nismo Z-tune front bumper and front guards which model itself after one of the greatest last generation Skylines.

As awesome as Ganador mirrors are, we really love the Craft Square TCA-F mirrors that were added.


I think one of the biggest appeals of Daniel’s R34 is its lethal appearance. It looks so purposeful, and looks as though it would dominate anything in everything. It could be at home at a drag strip, time attack, or be that car sitting next to you at the lights.


The set of TE37’s that came with the car from Japan were substituted by Nismo LMGT-4s in 18×10.5 +15 to compliment the Nismo exterior.


A benefit of sourcing a car from reputable workshops are the interesting details you would find along the way of ownership. For example, the Midori development Arogosta ERS custom modified suspension would definitely make the ride a unique experience. These are the kind of parts you won’t see popping up on your local forum parts thread, or bidding on an eBay listing. A majority of the Midori additions to the car are original or rare items such as the Midori Silent High Power full titanium exhaust system and the assortment of chassis bracing and replacement suspension bushes.


The sexy Nismo intake plenum next to the Trust fuel injector rail kit with Nismo 600cc injectors.


Daniel also replaced the OEM tail lights for a pair of uber cool LED items. This along with the MIDORI Development Carbon fibre wing mounts that raise the OEM Spoiler and Nismo rear pods; it creates a rear end that’s sweet to look at.


The HKS Power Air Flow “reloaded” filters lead air to the HKS GT2530 turbo’s. The twin turbo configuration would be ideal for the street and make this GTR a more complete performer, rather than relying on a BST.


The standard R34 GTR seats were replaced with Bride Cuga – Japan edition seats. You’ll also find a Nismo GT-500 Titanium shift knob along with Nismo floor mats.


Tuned GTR’s have always been about brute muscle, and in order to complete the overall balance of the car; the brakes were upgraded. The front calipers are Alcon 6 pot Monobloc calipers coupled with 355mm 3 piece brake rotors. While the rear is sporting the Alcon 355mm rear brakes kit which includes the 4 pot calipers and 2 piece rotors. The pads have also been swapped for Ferodo DS2500 brake pads all ’round and utilises APS stainless braided teflon brake lines


So, now that this GTR has started life in Australia. It’s safe to say it’s in very good hands. Daniels aim to improve on what was an impressive web listing from Japan has resulted in this amazing V-Spec NUR example.


Spec list
MIDORI Fine Tune engine maintenance
– Overhauled and balanced
– Engine blocked cleaned WPC processing
– N1 pistons
– Balanced connecting rods and pistons
– Midori Intake and Exhaust Camshafts (256 degree duration and 9.15mm
lift both sides)
– PBB Replacement Valve Guides
– Valve face polishing (removes Nissan logo and smoothes valve surface)
– Combustion chambers CC balanced and porting modification
– 0.8m Cylinder head re-surfaced/decked
– HKS 1.2mm Metal Head Gasket fitted
– Camshaft Oil seal replaced
– N1 oil pump replaced
– Valve stem oil seal replaced
– MIDORI original development Oil Pan Baffle kit
– MIDORI original development Oil Catch Tank kit
– NISMO Inlet Piping kit
– NISMO Air Flow Meter x2
– OKADA PROJECT Plasma Booster Direct Ignition system
– NISMO reinforced engine mount kit
– SAMCO silicone heater hose kit

Turbo Hardware

– HKS GT2530 turbine kit x2
– HKS upgraded adjustable wastegate actuators X 2
– MIDORI original development Turbine Dump Pipes
– TOMEI EXPREME exhaust manifold kit

Intake and Exhaust

– NISMO intake manifold/Plenum
– HKS Inlet manifold metal gaskets
– MIDORI original exhaust front pipes
– MIDORI original High Flow metal catalytic converter
– MIDORI original development Silent High Power Full Titanium Exhaust System
– HKS Power Air Flow œReloaded Version
– SAMCO Silicone Suction Piping/Turbo intake piping

– ARC inter-cooler model M079 (hand fluted intake side, premium ARC core)
– SAMCO Silicone upper intake piping (black)
– HKS Oil Cooler kit Type S, with duct and 15 row core
– CALSONIC Aluminum radiator
– CALSONIC radiator cap
– SAMCO Silicone radiator hose kit

Fuel System
– NISMO 600cc Fuel Injectors X 6 (replaced with Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors (x6))
– TRUST Fuel Injector Rail kit
– SARD adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
– NISMO 248 L/h High Volume Fuel Pump
**Flex-fuel setup**
– Siemens ethanol content sensor

– MIDORI development ARAGOSTA ERS custom modified suspension (damping
force adjustable)
– EIBACH springs
– BCNR33 Front Lower Control Arms
– MIDORI Development Pillow ball tension rods (castor rods “ rose jointed)
– NISMO reinforced Upper link/Upper Control Arm Bushes
– MIDORI development Rear Pillow Ball Upper Links bush replacement (rose
joint bushes in upper control arms)
– MIDORI Lower Arm Pillow ball bush replacement
– MIDORI rear sub-frame collars
– NISMO upgraded rear sub-frame bushes

– MIDORI development Front Tower Bar with integrated Master Cylinder
– Brace (custom-made)
– MIDORI Development Front Lower Brace Bar
– Driveline Parts
– ATS Carbon Fibre Twin Plate Clutch

Brake Parts
– MIDORI development ALCON MONO6 355mm (front)
– Monobloc calipers-ALCON 6POT
– J hook-ALCON 355mm 3 piece brake rotors
– MIDORI development ALCON MONO4 355mm Rear Brake kit
– Monobloc calipers-ALCON 4POT
– 355mm 2 piece Alcon Brake Rotors
– FERODO DS2500 brake pads front and rear
– APP Stainless Braided Teflon Brake Lines

– MIDORI original development Clutch Slave Cylinder
– NISMO upgraded gearbox mount

Wheels & Tires
– RAYS VOLK TE37 Bronze 18 X 9.5inch +12 Offset
– ADVAN NEOVA 265/35/18 Tyres
– Nismo LM-GT4 18 x 10.5 +15
– Nismo flush centre caps
– Advan Neova tyres, 285/30/R18

– MIDORI original custom tuned ECU (replaced w/ Link G4 ecu)
– NISMO MFD expansion kit
– HKS EVC 5 Boost Controller
– NISMO 320km Full Scale Meter Kit

– NISMO Side skirts
– NISMO Rear side pods
– MIDORI Development Carbon Fibre rear Wing Mounts (raised)
– Front lip Spoiler colour coded
– Nismo R-Tune bonnet
– Nismo Z-Tune front bumper
– Nismo Z-Tune front guards
– Qest LED tailights
– Craft Square carbon fibre TCA-F side mirrors

– NISMO Duracon Shift Knob
– Nissan TV option kit fitted
– SONY navigation system
– Bride Cuga Japan edition front seats.
– Nismo GT-500 Titanium shift knob
– Nismo floor mats



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