In today’s car scene we see countless faces, cars, crews and builds. They all seem to come and go, with each build disappearing just as fast as they emerge. One face that been a pillar of Sydney’s car scene for the past half a decade, is the infamous UDOORI. The man behind the registration is Van. Having known Van for many years he’s really just like you or me, a hard working lad who loves his cars. A quick run down of the previous incarnations of UDOORI see’s S15 Silvia’s, S14 Silvia’s, RPS13’s and most recently an R34 GT-R topping that list.. bare in mind these are probably only a Fifth of the total cars he’s owned.. None the less, they have been the lucky ones to bear the plates.

So when we heard Van was selling up his GT-R we pondered long and hard about what the next iteration could be. Surely something bigger, better and more powerful..

On the contrary, Van went for another 180SX. He says he’s always had a soft spot for the ‘pop up light’ gem of the 80’s and early 90’s.

Having already owned a 180SX a few years ago, Van had felt there was some unfinished business to be taken care of.

Van bought this 180 not too long ago and it was definitely a fixer upper. Although it did have some of the groundwork done.

It had already had wide body treatment – Koguchi wide body rear guards & front fenders and even wider arched flares.

It also had the Type X front and accompanying side skirts – which is arguably one of the best looks for the RPS13.

Van then added his finishing touches which really brought the car back to life. That includes Genuine Type X front lip with matching front pods..

And Genuine Type X rear taillights, garnish and rear pods. He kept all of these parts from his previous 180 knowing that they are rare as hens teeth!

To tie everything up in a neat little package, Van opted to respray the whole car in Nissan GT-R Red. A blazingly bright hue which demands attention. You can’t go wrong here.

This motto should resonate with all car enthusiasts!

For an even more aggressive track inspired look, Van made his own custom splitter & diffuser setup for the front, sides and rear. This boys got skills!

For the footwork he’s gone for a traditional Work Meister S1 with ample amounts of dish measuring in at 18×10″ -7 on the front, and 18×11″ -20 in the rear.

In my opinion they sit at a perfect height for function as well as form.

Although it may look finished, its far beyond completed in Van’s eyes. On the performance side its running a Garrett GT3076 turbo, fully built motor, Tomei Cam gears, Tomei Rocker stoppers, 264 BC Cams, CP Pistons and rods all managed by a standalone Haltech Platinum Pro ECU. The engine bay still needs tidying up so that will be next on his list. Ontop of that another change of wheels might also be on the cards..

So there we have it, our introduction to the latest UDOORI! Plenty more pictures below featuring our lovely model Zia Rae.



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