A few weeks back Josh, Justin & I were invited to take an exclusive look around the Cyber Motorsports headquarters. We met up with Danny, owner of Cyber Motorsports and the rest his hardworking team. We were given a tour around the workshop and were treated so some amazing W.I.P (Work In Progress) goodness. Some old, some new.. but all quality work. To think all of his work started off with pen and paper was very inspiring.


We sat down with Danny and he told about his ideas, his philosophy and his future for Cyber and even after 20 years he’s still as passionate about what he does as ever. We believe this is what we need more of here in Sydney. It was quite a lengthy and in-depth conversation so we might leave the rest of that for another time..


Here is brief history of the business and what they do.

Our brand Cyber Motorsports has an undeniable legacy of quality and a reputation for our unique innovative style when it comes to building trend setting show cars and parts. The sheer number of feature articles, magazine covers and trophies attest to the quality of our cars.


The innovative culture at Cyber Motorsports is the key drive behind our return for the Next Generation. We continue to stand by our company mission to produce unique, top-class quality products. Our designs push the boundaries to give our cars maximum visual impact.


The garage was founded in 1996 and the year 2016 marks 20 years of Cyber’s existence. This is an exciting next phase for Cyber Motorsports and we are looking to share our vision and passion with the world once again.”

Website – http://www.cybermotorsports.com.au/



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