Gran Turismo is back! Have a look at the new iteration of the GT series on PS4. From what we can gather the “Sport” series aims to focus on the online aspect of gaming which is exponentially increasing in popularity over the past few years on consoles. So you could say its a little bit of a spin-off over the previous titles.

Although still not a version to be snuffed, it promises vastly improved audio, graphics and game play. You may remember GT’s notorious vacuum cleaner-like synthesized sound effects from the past but that is no longer the case with each vehicle getting its own recorded soundtrack. Also the new photo mode now called “Scapes” looks absolutely amazing, with over 1,000 pre-rendered backgrounds to choose from and allowing users to render pictures up to 4K in resolution. The driving physics that the series is so well known for is said not to disappoint. So we’re itching to get our hands on this to try as well!



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