The Mermaid Pools was something I always wanted to do, but I was never able to find the time due to my busy lifestyle. Eventually we found a day for it as the weather was near perfect for this adventurous hike. The Mermaid Pools is just a short walk along Bargo River starting at Rockford Road Bridge. Where to park? This was the tricky part, the car park is just on your right as you enter Charles Point Road, from there we had to walk under a bridge following the track. Also don’t forget to bring some food and water as it’s important to stay hydrated at all times.

The hike started off a tad difficult as finding the starting point proved more troublesome than we thought, as there was limited signage and also no mobile phone coverage. Although that was all part of the fun, you would kind of have to take your chances and hope that take the path you think is the right one.


We went through some pretty dense bush and ran into some spider webs.. Okay I lied, there were a lot of spider webs here so be prepared.


We were advised to follow the river down.


We came across a few small waterfalls.


And some friendly creatures.



Frances and I came across more bush and with the limited signage we had to carve out our own path.


We also stumbled across some pretty cool rock formations, you will be seeing alot of these. Be prepared to climb!


There will be a time when you will come to a dead end along the river but dont fear you have to go around it by walking up a steep hill on the right hand side, keep an eye out for this engine. If you find it you’re on the right track. I wonder how this got here?


After getting lost a few times we eventually found the spot.


Would you dare to jump off this?


Just loving this place and to think this was only 1 hour away from my place.



Resting up and enjoying the sun.


We continued the walk by climbing up another steep hill but we didn’t wander off too far as it was getting late and we got hungry. That trail takes you even further but remember to bring food and water and proper foot wear.



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