Occasionally in life we come across people who are so absurdly in tune with their perfectionism that it comes only natural to them. It is expressed in all forms of their life and upon experiencing anything they produce, it becomes immediately apparent. The lengths they will go to achieve perfection is astounding. That is the only way with Jacob Depares and his Mitsubishi Evolution VIII.


At first glance, this amazing machine will not fail to catch your eye. From its menacing, blacked out headlights which stare you down like a predator. To its custom 19’ wheels that gleam at you from a distance. All while sitting aggressively on its Airrex suspension to round out the stance of the vehicle. Leaving it nothing short of a masterpiece.


Jacob recalls to me, that he first fell in love with Evos in 2014 when he attended a Zen Garage meet and laid his eyes upon Stephen’s Evolution – TR11PN. “That was it, I wanted an Evo… 2 years later after saving everything I had, I ended up buying my Evo.” He reminisces that his lust for TR11PN stemmed from the fact that it was different, but everything was done correctly, to perfection, and that Stephen’s attention to detail was exactly the same as his own. Much to his own pleasure, he managed to acquire that very car and has been doing great things with it.


After getting the Evo home, he found himself at Built to Order ordering a set of custom 3 piece RSV Forged wheels. Since then he has been taking his time with the build to make sure it is perfect, and “out of the box”.


A set of Rexspeed Carbon Fibre side skirt extensions, Voltex Rear Diffuser, Carbon Fibre Do-Luck front lip and APR splitter, apron the car. Carefully chosen to give the car a lower appearance when aired out.


A – Now updated – custom boot with faux timber vinyl floorboards, that sit below the Airrex air suspension compressor and tank, produce a warm contrast to the industrial look of the polished steel canister, creating a highly detailed and lasting impression.


I questioned him as to his position on turning this 300kW AWD rally bred vehicle into the spectacle it is now; “I didn’t want just a show car, a pure track car, a cruiser, or just slammed.. I wanted everything. My version of the perfect balance.” The wide wheels and aggressive negative camber were inspired by the wild styles often seen in Japan; that has in recent years grown ever so prevalent thanks to the accessibility of the internet and social media.


But he was held back by the fact that we do in live in Australia. A country not known for its perfect roads and also negative attitudes from authorities to the modified vehicle community. “I think the real question is what’s holding me back from running -15 camber and 30mm of the ground static? Well we live in Australia and I think I’ll only get 5 minutes in without losing a front bar or getting defected..

One of the best parts I love about my car, is when it’s aired out it sits at -5 camber and when it’s at driving high it sits at -1, So it’s still very much fun to throw around and have some fun with”.


The overall theme of the car is rather subtle, the factory white paintwork is accentuated by the hints of Carbon Fibre, which seem rather understated sitting next to the wheels which just scream “Notice me!” Leaving you in absolute awe at the vehicle sitting before you. These small details draw you in, leaving you with the need to know more.


Jacob’s Evo has received a warm reception from the enthusiast community due to its overall build quality and ‘out there’ approach to the humble rally car. This has earnt him the ‘It’s All About the Wheels’ award in 2015’s Fitted Friday III.


This car definitely has a personality that is unmatched among the car scene here in Australia.  I asked Jacob how he felt his car reflected him as a person “I guess the biggest way my car reflects my personality, is when I do something I go all out or I don’t do it. I hate the concept of slapping a car together and rushing it. I’m a patient and detailed obsessed guy and I think my car reflects that.” And I have to agree with his approach and assessment of himself and his car.


There is no denying that Jacobs car is a sight to behold and appreciated no matter your taste. His car radiates the passion he has for the car and the lengths he will go in pursuit of perfection.  As for the future plans for BCHPLS, the majority of these are a secret. However, be sure to keep your eyes out for another neck breaking rendition of this amazing machine!

-Walbro 550hp in-tank fuel pump
-1000cc Delphi injectors
-Eboost street boost controller
-50mm Tial Q BOV
-Invidia dump pipe
-Trust front pipe
-Tomioka 100cell high flow cat
-3inch stainless steel cat-back
-K&N pod filter enclosed in carbon box
-Hotside pipe
-MAP EF2 Turbo
-Kelford 272 cams
-Head studs
-Valve springs
-Tuned on e85 making 300kW atw on 28psi

-Xtreme racing carbon ceramic twin plate sprung clutch with push pull conversion

Suspension & Brakes
-Airrex struts
-Airrex digital air management system
– Custom timber floor boot
– Copper tube air lines
– Electronics relocated and hidden
-Aftermarket adjustable tie rod ends
-DBA 4000 slotted rotors
-Gyrodisc brake pads
-HardRace Rear Camber Arms
-HardRace Rear Toe Arms
-HardRace 4 Point boot strut

Wheels & Tyres
-RSV Forged Rs10D Monaco Bronze centers with High Polish Smoke Barrel & Chrome hardware
-Wrapped in Nitto Invos

-Carbon fibre Do-luck front lip
-APR front splitter
-Mitsubishi OEM side visors
-Rexpeed carbon fibre side skirts
-Rear Voltex Diffuser
-White Vortex generator
-Evo IX rear bar
-Evo 7 tail lights
-Custom built headlights (True Quad Projectors)
-Morimoto MINI D2S 6000k projectors
-Morimoto MINI H1 projectors
-Blue LED x2 (Blue demon eyes) – Shrouds (E-46R)

-Sparco Evo 1 seats
-Sparco 4-point harness
-Sparco Steering wheel
-Sparco QR – NRG Boss Kit
-Android Double Din head unit.
-4x shadow gauges in pod
-1kg fire extinguisher
-JJR 6 point bolt in roll cage custom powder coated pearl white
-Suede roof
-Carbon interior panels and trim

Engine Bay
-Carbon fibre cam cover
-Carbon fibre coil pack cover
-Carbon fibre intake cover



About the author

Painter/Decorator, Born and raised in the South Coast NSW and owner of a 2007 Evolution IX Special Edition. I invest my spare time with my mates in the garage working on each other’s cars. I constantly try and immerse myself in automotive culture, I thrive on discovering new and exciting people within the community.