(Jun 05, 2016 04-04 PM)Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark III(3960x2640)

Sometimes places are abandoned and left to decay and rot away. These once forgotten places can be treasure troves for the curious. Local Sydney explorers; Nicholas “Red Rocket” Kimochi and his friend Idress, ventured out to a unique Sydney location to capture some of the hidden beauty of one such abandoned site and in doing so they uncovered some fantastic Graffiti. Graffiti is a magnificent art form and when done correctly it really can be SPECTACULAR!

When exploring there is always a heightened risk factor; Floor boards breaking apart, slippery stairwells, falling rocks and debris, sharp objects, rusty edges, and the list goes on!!

If you ever decide to go exploring for yourself, be mindful of the dangers. Remember to always be cautious and tread carefully. Never travel alone. In the very least bring a friend or two just in case something ever was to happen, so they can video you falling etc… wink emoticon

As they say: “A big journey begins with small steps..



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