A few weeks ago marked one of the biggest events in the Automotive Calendar, Fitted Friday. The fourth installment saw a massive change in venue, from what in hindsight seemed like a nice and cozy venue at Orange Grove Megacentre, to the enormous grounds of Sydney Dragway at SMSP. In typical Fitted Friday fashion everything was bigger, flashier and louder. The main stage this year was set up right in the middle of the grounds offering a 360° view for spectators with an Audio system to boot. Great for those standing on the edges of the ground, probably not so much if you were setup right next to it. And of course there were many awesome unveilings like previous years.


The Fitted Friday show has built up a good following with many entrants making the trip interstate to show off their whips. This year we saw an invasion of Rocket Bunny 86’s from down south.

This Sorcery kitted NSX has been around for years now and it never stops getting attention. Like a fine wine NSX’s just get better with time.


Nice looking Evo sitting on Work Meisters. We’re seeing more and more of these Evo builds blurring the line between form and function.


Here we go.. the Bunny invasion!


They were all very nice, but my favourite has always been this V2 Rocket Bunny from Jake Salmon. From the wheel fitment and choice, to the additional canards and aero. This is done proper.


Nico always out flexing his toys. The Maserati Gran Turismo has got to be one most aggressive looking cars out of the factory.


Our good friend Thomas brought out his Bagged Evo which was recently made to push upwards of 300kW. Low and Sl..Fast!?


Fitted always has a good variety of cars from all scenes, new and old. This B110 Nissan (Datsun?) Sunny was looking young as ever. Love the SSR MKII’s.


Another JDM pensioner, Brents ED Civic made another debut of his freshly rebuilt BBS RS’s once again. And in typical fashion they are already gone! Gotta love that about this guy, he’s always switching it up.



Tough as nails MK7 Golf R down from Qld.


Really liked this RX-7. In person the colour was a dark browny/greyish hue. And if you saw it from the from the front with the number plate section shaved, it just looked like a mean bullet. So streamlined and sleek.


The ARISE Autobody boys had a strong lineup showcasing their work. This Aimgain 86 definitely had people scratching their heads. Is it a Lexus? Is it a smurf?


From the real flashy to the more understated builds. This neat Forester showing us simple is still cool.


A lot, and I mean a good percentage of the show was filled with Aussie Muscle. As the backbone of the Automotive scene in Australia, these guys are the OG’s and respect has to be paid. It’s also very hard to ignore when these guys are revving the tits off their cars haha. Makes revving your Lancer CE at Krispy Kremes seem a bit silly after seeing these guys doesn’t it?


Another one of Thomas’ car. “Can someone please think of the laptimes?!” Haha..


Amazing Datsun 510 Wagon at the V-Sport stand on Work Meister CR-01. Resto-mod goodness.


That about does it for Fitted Friday IV. Thanks to those that came by our stand and showed us some love despite how hard it was to find! We’ll be back at more events this year so keep an ear out..



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