In automotive culture today, there is a series of cars that are perhaps the most recognised cars among the scene – The Nissan Skyline. Among these cars are their race-bred counter parts, the Nissan Skyline GT-R. Originally released in 1969 as the C10 chassis it continued on until 1973 where the GT-R was seen as redundant.

Fast forward to 1989 and we see the birth of the BNR32 GTR and the resurrected GT-R brand. Redesigned into a twin turbo AWD format, reintroduced by Nissan to compete in Group A racing.

This particular Skyline has been modified to taste by the owner, choosing to stay within the confines of the car. With a few auto culture stickers and some small modifications this GT-R is understated but not overdone.

The car has some modest alterations to suit the owners own style but nothing truly straying from the cars factory look, keeping the theme of the car slightly understated.

A limited Edition MOMO ‘Illest’ wheel sits in front of the driver. 1 of 300 pieces.

11-inch-wide Enkei RSO5RR wrapped in Toyo R1R, helping to put the power down when needed.

Sought after by Skyline owners around the world, the GT-R has become an icon in its own right and this car speaks volumes with its presence.

The GT-R is an entity in its own right, and will forever hold a place with in automotive culture. Be it racing or tuning, everyone within the automotive society understands some aspect of what a GT-R is and the attention Godzilla commands. And it is collectors who own cars such as the one above that help to keep even the older versions relevant today.

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