A couple of weeks ago we were invited to the inaugural Tuned Swap Meet at Fairfield Showgrounds hosted by Chris from Tuned and Adam from Downshift. Even though it was hosted at the usual venue at Fairfield Showgrounds, this months meet had a little twist where entrants were given the opportunity to buy and sell their used parts. Now swap meets aren’t anything new, but they haven’t really caught on yet in the Automotive scene much here in Sydney. Which is quite astonishing seeing as there are countless numbers of “BUY/SELL” Facebook groups for each irrespective Make/Model of car and everything in between. This gave people a good chance to thoroughly inspect the goods they were buying without having to drive 30 minutes to meet some dodgey looking bloke in a Maccas carpark. We’ve all been there right? It was a novel idea so we though why not check it out!

As well as hocking off your used parts, most came out just to show off their whip. We met our old friend Day Day who swung by the stand to say hi. If you guys know Day Day, you know he does his Bimmers right. This one is no exception.. losing count of how many he’s had by now.

You might have seen these guys on your social media feeds lately and they’ve seemed to gather under the one banner now, repping In House Autoworks. Above you see Cergai and his WRX. We’ve actually done a small highlight of Cergai in the past but boy has his car gone through a transformation.

Some of you guys are already well acquainted with Jacob Depares and his EVO. If you aren’t check his feature out here.

Our mate Thomas and his EVO. Little does anyone know that Thomas has recently pumped his power figures up to around the 350kW mark. Low and Sl.. Fast?

These boys are joining forces to bridge the gap between Mitsubishi and Subaru fanboys all in the name of stance and pissing off the purists.

Parts ere.. get your parts ere!

Young William with his newly acquired S15. He’s never been one to shy away from attention, but with recent troubles with the authorities we’ll see if he continues the trend.

Gotta love this white R34 GT-R on TE37SL’s with the matching white decal to suit.

Nice spread here. I think a lack of ATM facilities hindered a lot of peoples sales on the day.

Lovely clean Bimmer doing the OEM+ look very nicely.

Quite a few Supras out on the day.

Cars for sale too. Hey babe.. got a spare 10k in your bag I can borrow?

Another Supra rocking Work Meisters with a Bronze lip. This one does it very nicely contrasting well with the blue paint.

Geez these bronze lip Meisters are popular hey..

Adam from Downshift enjoying a nice Zinger burger amongst some Drift cars.

Awesome to see the iAcrophobia crew reaching our shores. This A5 Sportsback looking awesome on  AG Forged wheels. I’m actually more impressed with the brake setup its packing behind those rims!

G’day to our neighbour who was parked next to our stand, pulling in punters all day!

Hi guys! It was really cool meeting everyone who came by our stand to pickup a lanyard, a sticker or our jumpers and shirts. It really means a lot to us having your support. Our goal is to just produce more and more cool shit for you guys this year so we really appreciate each and every one of you!

Can’t forget the booty shots!

Which EVO bottom do you prefer?

Shoutout to this guy who picked up a jumper and a banner and couldn’t wait to put it on!

It’s been a long time since Winson has taken a picture of a car.. Old dog’s still got it. Loving the lighting on this one.

And of course he has a penchant for blue S15’s. Aero kit looks good every time.

Finishing it off with something different! We had an awesome time out there, thanks again to Chris and Adam for the invite. See you guys at the next one!



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Howdy guys, your Ed here. I’m currently studying a bachelor of Industrial Design, but have a love for all things design. The automotive industry is my life blood and I’d love for you all to join along for the ride!




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    Bahahaha OLD DOG WAT!!