When the words “European Car” are mentioned, usually adjectives such as “Luxurious”, “Refined” and “Sophisticated” are heard with it. So what happens when you get a Volkswagen, an Audi, a BMW, throw on some super aggressive wheels with stretched rubber, touch of camber, and slam it on either coilovers or airbags?


The result? These three European beauties carving their mark on the Victorian stance scene. These boys came all the way up from Melbourne to attend an event called Fitted Fridays here in Sydney and we were delighted to see these cars in person and show us Sydney siders how its done.

Generally seen as family cars, general people movers, occasionally seen as a sports car or even a businessman’s car. These three fine examples of what stance is really about, is testament that European cars are not only there to get you from A to B, but they can also be modified, and these are perfect examples.


The polished wheels on the E46 compliment the turquoise blue paint further enhanced by excellent fitment on the fronts and rears.

Whereas the Audi, the wheels sporting a candy apple red-finish centres with a polished lip, creating a beautiful contrast between the silver body lines and the aggressive black front grille.


Finishing off the trio is the GTI rocking a classic look with the gunmetal wheels and perfect text-book fitment leaving little to the imagination.

The European modified car scene is not as extensive as the Japanese scene, but these three are definitely at the front of their game, leading with a fine example and shining their light through the darkness of today’s modified scene.



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