There is nothing like the smell of fuel, burning rubber and the sound of race cars echoing between the grand stand and pit lane on Brabham Straight first thing in the morning. With the sun rising, taking its position in the blue skies above and a sharp cold mid-winter gust pelts the area, Eastern Creek’s Sydney Motorsport Park prepares to play host to an array of different events, competitors and spectators.

Primarily hosted and sponsored by Nulon, in one corner of the park, the skidpan, drenched in water for teams and individuals competing in the Motorkhana day. Nearby stands the Figure 8 event, the day’s source of baking rubber and professional drifters. And just down the road, behind pit lane, lies the Show and Shine hosted by Tuned. International who are celebrating their 3 rd year anniversary.

The wet pan competitors, onsite bright and early all looked happy and content as they threw their rides, some weekenders, some dailies around the pan, abusing their handbrakes before powering onwards to the finish line. Not unusual to an event such as this which can be strenuous to a car, some competitors were met with unfortunate mechanical failures. However, victory was taken by the owner of a gray Subaru WRX GC8, who showed absolute control and skill throughout the day while the people’s choice was won by a black Maloo R8 ute.

IMG_7148 IMG_7155
All the while, some of Australia’s finest time attack cars hit the GP circuit to chase the fastest time of the day, a never-ending endeavour. An assortment of time attack cars taking to the track to chase the summit of their potential. From Corvettes, to GTRs, to Mirages and Civics. All makes and models taking part in the time attack of SMSP’s GP circuit. Evenutally, after a long day of intense racing, Pulse Racing’s Evolution 8 took out the fastest time of the day with a 1:31.2610! A well deserved victory to Pulse Racing.

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Behind the garage doors of the pit lane where the race crews were at work on their machines, the sound of tools and rattle guns fill the wind-blown air. And with that comes the variety of sounds emanating from the street cars filling up the Show and Shine. Most hailing from Sydney, while others made the long trip from Melbourne, Brisbane and even Perth. Some representing a team or crew, while some were there on their own, perhaps to make a name for themselves in the ever-evolving car scene.

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The Nulon promo-girls, always a fan favourite, paraded through the Show and Shine, sometimes obliging fans wanting a photo. While different companies and sponsors such as Nulon and Whiteline lined the show promoting products for those on the hunt for modifications.

IMG_9911 IMG_9903
The show and shine entertained the car owners, spectators and even some of the time attack drivers, with an endless variety of cars and teams showing off their best. Skylines Australia brought along a horde of GTRs while Modified Mafia also had a troupe of cars on show. “DAYUM” once again stole the show and the crowd upon arrival with a neat example of what an FD3 RX-7 should look like.

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An excellent day, with a great World Time Attack-like atmosphere, centralised on motorsports catering to enthusiasts of all kinds. A beautiful day hindered only by the strong winds forcing spectators to wear their best winter hoodies and windbreakers. Special congratulations to Nulon for hosting a great day and the Tuned. International team on their 3 year anniversary and their effort in organising an amazing Show and Shine.

We’ll see you all at World Time Attack 2016!



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