When it comes to the automotive enthusiast family, every manufacturer and/or latest trend has its fair share of followers and haters. No matter what the trend is or how absurd it may be, someone, somewhere, loves it. As many of you will agree, the Honda badge seems to attract much scrutiny from those outside and is often overlooked and overshadowed by many of the other ‘automotive’ family members and their band of loyal followers. However, as with anything, there is a loyal group who understand the Honda philosophy completely and appreciate every aspect that it brings. Not everyone will understand and many who do, wont admit it, but the little Honda’s can still hold their own in most arenas within this ecosystem, which is the automotive car scene. Let’s take a look at last years WTAC for example, where 2 little Honda’s took out their class.


Now, we need to break things down further. Within each following, there are sub groups that make up the larger group, and this is definitely also the case with the Honda scene. In this scene, there are those who want to go fast at the drags, those who want to go fast on the street (unfortunately) and those who want to race against the clock on the circuit. There are those who want to look good (or make an ass of themselves) on the local Facebook group and those who want to snap necks at their local Hungry Jacks with their replica and ill-fitting parts. Finally though, there is a small minority that are like Shakeel Sahib, the owner of this amazing Honda Integra Type R. Those who chase and appreciate the rarest parts that are synonymous with a quality Honda build and strive to make a perfect all round car, without going too crazy in one area.


I first came across Shak’s DC5R in his members ride thread on the ClubITR forums. These days, the good old build thread is rarely seen as the car scene has evolved into the Facebook platform however, there are many who are still keeping it old school and keeping their build threads up to date. Now, I must mention that Shakeel has moved on from this car since these photos were taken and the new owner has made this car his own now; however, lets take a look at Shak’s vision of the perfect DC5R.


Those in the know would realise that Honda didn’t release the facelift version of the DC5R in Australia; it is a sleeker design, that little bit more modern, and definitely sets it apart from the sea of DC5’s out there. Shak decided to give his car the facelift treatment all round with the front and rear being swapped over for the newer items.


When it came to further exterior add ons, Shak went for a full Mugen lip kit and that ultra rare Mugen rear wing which isn’t easy to find. Shak also had the whole car resprayed in the original Championship White colour in order for it to meet his number one priority – perfection.


Shak finished the outside off with some OEM window visors, aftermarket mirrors and the holy grail of all Honda enthusiast wheels, a set of 17×9 +18 Desmond Regamaster Evo’s. Previous to this, Shak had a similar set of wheels in gold which are the Desmond Marquis Promadas but, these didn’t cut as the ultimate was necessary.


The DC5 world is divided on what is better, pre facelift or facelift; we like both to be honest however, the facelift rear mated to a Type R and finished off with those Mugen goodies definitely creates a beautiful package.


The wheels were mated with some Buddy Club Racing Spec coilovers and set for a function over form height as he has been out on the track with this car on various occasions and continues to head out regularly with his new S2000 project; which seems to be a natural progression for many ClubITR members from what we can see.


For that bit of extra fun at the track, Shak added some bolt on mods to help the awesome K20 heart breathe a little easier with a Gruppe M intake and Amuse R1 Titan exhaust.


The specs on the Regamasters give just enough poke to look menacing, but not too much that the boys in blue are snapping their necks to chase Shak down every time they drove past him.


Brembos from a JDM DC5R were brought in from Canada and mated to some slotted discs to help pull the car up better on the track and on the street. Safety comes first.


Shak kept the interior mild as he enjoyed what Honda had created  from the factory however, he added his own bit of flair with the Mugen shift knob, Momo steering wheel and S2000 push start button. Shak also added a Defi Advance ZD to keep check on all the vitals and upgraded the audio system with a Sony double DIN item.

As previously mentioned, Shak has now moved onto a new project but we know the car has gone to an owner who loves it and appreciated the ‘H’ badge just as much as Shak does. The new owner has made it his own with many changes, who knows, maybe you’ll see it back on STREET-COVER someday.



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