Jason Richardson’s Mitsubishi Evolution VIII MR is one of Queenslands finest. Boasting some light aero modifications, a Voltex type 5 and some beautiful CCW LM5T’s, combined with a fantastic performance benchmark which can only be improved upon, his car is shaping up to be one of the most recognizable in Australia. Two years of hard work and determination have culminated in the car you see before you. Introducing Jason Richardson’s Evolution VIII MR, – 0 SNAP.

After purchasing the car while on his p’s Jason had an agonising 2 month wait before he could actually drive his new car. He purchased the car near stock, with an exhaust and coil overs being the only modifications.

While waiting to get his black license, he began purchasing parts. “I couldn’t drive it for 2 months due to being on my P’s still but went home and ordered a bunch of parts for it. Wheels, carbon bits etc.”What you currently see is the end result.

After settling into driving his new car, Jason set to work upgrading the performance of the car. “Not long after being able to drive it, I was on the hunt for power. So a bigger turbo, e85, cams and 3″ straight through exhaust came about.”

After giving the Evo a power boost to 285kws, Jason wanted to give the car a more aggressive look, opting to go for a set of of Equip 05’s. He quickly grew tired of the equips, and when a set of CCW LM5T’s and a type 5 Voltex wing came up for sale and he couldn’t resist.

Jason’s car is currently undergoing transformations but I’ve been told to expect big things, with an intended WTAC debut. Jason didn’t want to comment on what was going on but assured me I wouldn’t be disappointed! We look forward to the final outcome!



About the author

Painter/Decorator, Born and raised in the South Coast NSW and owner of a 2007 Evolution IX Special Edition. I invest my spare time with my mates in the garage working on each other’s cars. I constantly try and immerse myself in automotive culture, I thrive on discovering new and exciting people within the community.