Wow its been 4 months since our last model feature! Time sure does fly when you’re busy. We hope to get back into the groove and update you guys with more content. To kick it off our writer Kevin interviewed the lovely Kezia Dawn. If you guys don’t know her she has been around the motor industry for some time now appearing in promos, events and even doing interviews. We are static to have her grace the pages of Street Cover and spending some time with us. Here is how it went down.


Okay lets get started, what do you do for a day job? Study? Career?

I study journalism, model, do some paralegal work a few days a week and I’ve just started merging into designing.

So you’re a [day job] by day, and a model by night, how did you get into modelling?

You could say that!

I did my first glamour shoot at 18 years old.

After only getting a semester into my first attempt at a law degree I starting travelling. When I came home I decided to get back into university to do my Journalism degree.

Modelling is what I went back to in order to fund my way through uni and it has taken off from there. At first I was only doing promotional work and some TFP photoshoots then people started to love what I was doing. From that I got a couple of gigs doing a T.V. Commercial, modelling for the Redken hair shows, in house modelling for a few boutiques, Matrix Australia Rock It, BB Bikinis, Music videos with well known artists such as Tyga and so on whilst still working at a lot of car events and promo activations. I’m also doing quite a bit of work with Ballin’ on a Budget and the clothing brand 3 Fingers Neat.


What parts of your job do you like the most?

I love getting creative. I love making things and having fun. If everyone on the set has a great day then normally the product is pretty great too. And that is the biggest reward! Having something you’re really proud of when it comes out.


Is it something you see yourself having a long professional career in?

It will always be a huge part of my life and will always work in line with my other careers in radio/presenting and with 3FN the brand. I can’t wait to launch some of my own designs with 3FN and model those too.

I want to write forever and I think I like the sound of my own voice too so I hope my long term career will always be in the media world.


What do you want to accomplish in terms of modelling?

It changes everyday haha! I know modelling doesn’t last forever and I’m at a point where I’m enjoying exploring all the different opportunities popping up.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

On a yacht in the Caribbean… Not really.

Honestly I want to have a hobby farm, I’d love to be in radio or presenting full time at this stage or writing features or both.

I’m also totally old fashioned so I want to be happily married with a couple of kids too. That’s my soft and squishy side that people don’t really know.


You spend a lot of time around cars, what do you drive every day?

Ha! At the moment a Kia Rio, I just got rid of my Audi TT and I’m looking around for a BMW X1 or M3.

What’s your favourite car you’ve modelled with? And what is your favourite car of all time? Why?

Oh dear, this is so tough. I’ve been known to get more excited over cars then men.

I’m a huge fan of the Ferrari 458. I love the raw sound it has. And I loved racing the White 2009 Porsche GT3! She was the first car I learnt to race in and will always have a special place in my heart but I never did a shoot with her. I also love driving the McLarens (I’m not aloud to give to much info about those but it was like floating at a high speed).

To shoot with would be the Ferraris (they are sexy AF), the McLaren 650S, the yellow Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (which my good friend in the car industry will hate me saying!) and I loved the day we had shooting with the drift cars and street cars in Wollongong. I’m also looking forward to shooting with a Lamborghini and the V8s in the near future.

The Supercars are sleek and sexy and the power in those machines is insanely amazing. But I do like the Evos and street cars too, there is definitely something edgy and raw about them. Shooting with the drift cars was like shooting with the hot rebellious guy that daddy’s don’t want their daughters to date.


Do you ever get your hands dirty on your own car?

I have been known to change my oil in short shorts. I know the basics, apparently that’s more then some guys.

Do you ever go to car meets or events, not as a model but just as a spectator?

I have and I wouldn’t say no, ever, if I’m free to go. But generally I do work at events and I like mixing the two. You know what they say “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”. And in my mind it’s never work when cars are around.


What about fitness? Do you have a strict gym regiment and diet?

I believe in the “see food” diet. I see food and eat it. And I’ll never say no to chocolate.

However, I am human and that is not how I maintain a model body. I train a lot of weights and do interval bike training. When I’m in peak, I live off tuna and rice. And I love my fruit and veggies in a capsule. They’re natural and really help me keep my energy levels to train, work and maintain a “jet setter” lifestyle.


What kind of foods do you like?

I love Japanese! Sushi and sashimi are life.

Do you like travelling? Where’s your favourite holiday destination?

I do. My ultimate holiday destination is anywhere I haven’t been before. And I love Asian countries and especially places like Bali and Thailand because everywhere else I see as living and working destinations.


Any hobbies? Things you enjoy doing in your free time?

My work is my hobby. Those close to me hate me for it but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I honestly love what I do and the opportunities that come up. I also love writing, it’s a huge hobby. I love having a voice.

What’s your spirit animal?

What is a spirit animal? I get called a unicorn a lot but I think I’m like a tiger or something.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other young ladies looking to get into modelling?

Don’t get caught up in this “I want to do editorial, I don’t want to be a promo/ commercial model” and always take the opportunities that come up. Do as much as you can, work hard and be easy to work with. I can’t count how many times photographers or clients have told me how good it is to work with someone who is easy going and knows what they’re doing.


Any final words of advice or inspiration?

Hmmm, I think I covered it. Just love what you do, be happy and push yourself out of your comfort zone. This world is so huge, don’t put limits on yourself. Have a dream, follow it and let life flow. Things will happen that you may have never ever expected!

Thank you so very much for your time Kezia!



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