It’s without a doubt that Nissan Silvia S15’s are on the rise again, and to stand out from the crowd you would need to do something pretty awesome to get those heads turning. Alladin Saddik has done just that with his C-West kitted S15. Meet Blublz!

I sat down with Alladin and asked him a few questions about his car and whats next.

SC – What made you get an S15?

AS – Well honestly ever since I was a little kid I remember looking at photos from the Auto Salon event many years ago and all these hotted up S15’s caught my eye and it really drew my passion towards getting one, their just a work of art when they are done right.


SC – Why did you pick the C-West kit?

AS – I wanted something different you know something unique, every second s15 I see either has an aero kit or a vertex kit.

SC – What was the hardest challenged you faces when building your car and how did you over come it?

AS – Honestly the hardest challenge building the car was getting the motor to the state it is in today and finding all the right parts to make the car really stand out, a huge thanks to all the boys that supported me, YPT, SR and NRG for making it all happen. They supported me through every step of the way and really exceeded my expectations of what the final result would be.


SC – So whats your favorite part about the car?

AS – My favourite part about the car was building it, even though it was a headache and really got annoying sometimes I’m sure a lot of the guys out there know what it feels like, now you just look at the finished product and laugh at all those late nights spent working on it with the boys and travelling to all different places picking up parts.


SC – What have you learnt from this build?

AS – Well I’ve surely learnt a lot of things from this build but definitely the most important one would have to be, never rush any job on the car no matter how big or small it is because you want to make sure when the car is all done it is all 100%.

An extra day or two or even a week will have a huge affect on the final outcome of the car, every bit counts I guess.


SC – Any tips for anyone wanting to get into the car scene and any plans for the car if so what is it?

AS – For anyone trying to get into the car scene honestly if you have always wanted to build a project it’s never too late to start. Work with whatever you have you can always build your way up just remember the great things in life come with patience. In regards to plans for my car I’m always looking to push more power and work on the improving the appearance of the car so well just have to wait and see what happens.


SC – What is your motivation that helped you build your car?

The motivation that helped me build the car would have to be always going to car meets and seeing all the new builds coming out, that really pushed me to get started on the build and my mates just supported me the rest of the way.


SC – Who would you like to thank for helping you build your ride?

I would like to thank Gow Street for doing an amazing job on the body and paint for the car, YPT and SR NRG for building the motor and getting it all fitted up and finally CRD for doing an amazing job on tuning the car.


SC – What do you think of the car scene now in Sydney?

The car scene in Sydney has been slowing improving I’ve been noticing quite a few unique builds, honestly though there are always those few that want to ruin it for the rest of us by being hoons and attracting police attention.


SC – Beside your car what is your favorite right now?

My favourite car/s right now would definitely be an Rx-3 or Rx-7 series 8, I’m in love with the rotary sound, but it has to be bridge ported you never can go wrong by doing that. Hahahaha


SC – Do you have Instagram and what is it so people can follow you?

Yeah I do have Instagram I post up pictures of my car every couple of weeks or so but, anyone is more than welcome to follow me it’s Alladin101.

Spec List

-Full C-West Wide Body kit supplied by JSAI aero
-Painted Audi Rs line Sepang Blue
-270mm drift wing
-Front Carbon Fibre Canards
-18×10 Work Meister S1 Front
-18×11.5 Work Meister S1 Rear
-ISC N1 Fully adjustable coilovers
-Rear Cusco Camber Arms
-Full built sr20det motor top to bottom- Built By SR NRG With SR NRG trade mark rocket cover and spark plug cover
-Apexi power fc with hand held controller
-Tomei poncams 264/264
-740cc Nismo injectors
-Walbro 420 Fuel Pump
-Garrett gtx-2871r
-Stainless spaghetti exhaust manifold
-Full Turbo Back Exhaust system
-Genuine Bride Stradia III Gold Kevlar Seats




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