This 370Z is one of few cars in my list that I really loved, I just loved the shape of it and that Amuse kit is to die for. So when I found out that I had the opportunity to feature this on Street Cover I did not hesitate one bit. I spent some time with Roy and asked him some questions and also I would like to thank Kevin Phetrasi for the awesome shots I hope you enjoy the photos!

Photo taken by Kevin Phetrasi Photography

What made you want to get a 370Z?

I have always been fond of the whole Z lineup, nothing appeals to me more than a RWD coupe with a bit of grunt! It just makes a great driver’s car and i was drawn to the lines and curves of the Z34.

The plate says it all!

Within the car scene who do you look up to?

Hmmm It would have to be Paige’s boosted blue Amuse 370Z from the USA.

What is your favourite road to take your car out for a nice drive?

My favourite road would probably be Megalong Rd in the Blue Mountains the views make a nice scenic drive but the twisty road is enough to keep you on your toes!

Roy is running Volk Rays TE37 RT Black Edition 18×9.5+22, 18×10.5+15 running on KWV3 Coilovers to give it that nice height.

What do you like about your car?

Too much to list on what I like, like how it handles like it’s on rails, to the exhaust note and the overall sheer look.

Where did you get your inspiration from for the 370Z?

When i first saw Paige Baker’s 370Z go viral a few years ago, seeing that Amuse kit in blue just made my jaw dropped and i instantly fell in love.

What would be your advice to people wanting to get into the car scene?

Do it for yourself and ignore the haters, you will never be able to please everyone and never settle for 2nd best.

If you had a chance to improve the car scene what would it be?

Bring back the love haha!

What was the hardest thing you had to go through with your car and how did you overcome it?

Hardest thing would have to be dealing with it’s height and worrying about scraping wherever I go, one solution I used was to jump on google maps to see if the road was smooth enough or the speed bumps or driveways can be cleared hahahhaa!!

Was there anyone you would like to thank?

My close friends I met on Z Club, Mad Invite crew, they helped me get there so shout out to my fam!

What is your Instagram if people want to follow you?


Any last words before we conclude our interview?

Mostly to thank you the team at Street Cover for this opportunity.













Spec list

Akrapovic Evolution CBE
Powerhouse Amuse R1 sport catalyser
Gruppe M Super Cleaner Carbon short ram intakes
Zele carbon fibre radiator shroud
Top Secret Oil Cap
Ecutek Pro ECU making 227rwkw

Genuine Powerhouse Amuse Vestito Aero kit (Front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, rear spoiler)
Powerhouse Amuse R1 titanium harness bar
Powerhouse Amuse R1 Titanium Shift knob
Takata Harness
Recaro TS-G ASM Limited on Recaro rails
Recaro RS-G ASM Limited on Recaro Rails

KWV3 Coilovers
Eibach/ Spc camber arms
Nismo S-Tune front and rear sway bars
Volk Rays TE37 RT Black Edition 18×9.5+22, 18×10.5+15
Michelin Pilot Supersport 265/40/18, 295/35/18



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