The Melbourne car scene never ceases to amaze me, always ahead of the game and continue to do so till this day with such amazing rides which put us Sydney siders to shame. These photos were taken some time last year by our local photographer Kevin Phetrasi, during World Time Attack and the photos are finally coming to light. Partly my fault but its better now than never, Right?

I got the boys to give me a bit of insight about themselves and their cars, I hope you enjoy the photos and the interview.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Anthony (JNRREX) – My name is Anthony and I’m 26 years old. I’m an electrician by trade and as you can see, i have a car addiction. lol
Nick (PHAT 86) – Just an average Joe that loves his cars. I work in the logistics industry to fund my car parts and love running a muck with mates.

What made you want to get your car?
Anthony – So the Impreza was my first car and I got it just before I got my p’s back in 2008. I was originally going to get a falcon but then this came along. Pretty much the complete opposite of what I wanted.
Nick – I bought an 86 because I liked the fact that it felt so raw to drive, compared to other new cars.

Within the car scene who do you look up to?
Nick– I don’t really look up to anybody in the car scene.
Anthony– I look up to a lot of people within the Australian car scene and have a lot of respect to anyone that is willing to help and give advice.

What is your favourite road to take your car out for a nice drive?
Nick– My favourite road would have to be the Great Ocean Road! The twisties and the view of the ocean is just amazing.
Anthony– I like taking the car on mountain runs. Can’t get enough twisties. And yes I do push it so I’m not just a hard parker lol.

Where did you get your inspiration from for your car?
Nick – I’ve always been inspired by the Japanese car scene. Something about taking a stock boring car and turning it into a unique piece of art with a no fucks given attitude intrigues me.
Anthony – Most of my inspiration has come from the American car scene. My biggest inspiration is 21wrx21 on Instagram.

What would be your advice to people wanting to get into the car scene?
Nick – My advice would be to just do it. You’d be surprised how much better the Australian car scene would be if people stopped uhmming and ahhing.
Anthony – My advice to people getting into the car scene would be to save up that little bit extra and get quality parts and do things right the first time.

What was the hardest thing you had to go through with your car and how did you overcome it?
Anthony – Everything has been pretty easy with my car. Basically just learnt as I went. The entire car was built in my driveway.

Was there anyone you would like to thank?
Nick – Have to give thanks to all my mates that have given me both support throughout the build, both physically and mentally. Many nights have passed with good company working on the things we love.
Anthony – I would like to thank everyone that I have met along the way. The ideas, the hookups, just everyone that was involved. I haven’t been in the car scene for long but I know I have made lifelong friends already because of a simple car.

If you were to go to any car scene in the world which one would it be besides Australia?
Anthony – The 2 car scenes I would one day hopefully get to experience would have to be H2oi in the US and the Tokyo auto salon. 2 completely different scenes yet so similar with the amount of freedom and creativity you get to see.
Nick – Tough one, but I’d definitely go to Japan. The passion and originality that comes out of their scene is insane!!

Do you have plans to keep working on your car? If so what will you be working on?
Anthony – The next stage of my build is currently underway with a motor currently getting built. Hopefully by the end of the year i will be pushing some big numbers from all 4 wheels.
Nick – To be honest, I almost sold the car after WTAC last year. But, after getting endless messages about parting out, I decided not too. At this current time the wrap has been peeled off, a turbo kit has been installed and the car goes in for its new colour next month.

What would be your next car to modify?
Anthony – I would love to build a S-chassis one day. Maybe a series 1 S14 and make it a track demon.
Nick – I’ve had my eyes set on a Toyota Crown JZS171 estate for quite a while now. Hopefully I’ll have one to start modifying by 2018 !

What would be your dream car to modify?
Anthony – My dream car to modify would probably be a Huracan with a liberty walk kit and just go all out. Ye ye I know, typical supercar fanboy lol.
Nick – My dream car would have to be 1969 Datsun Skyline GT-R. Timeless style and design. I’d keep it stock and restore it to showroom condition. Maybe I’ll win the lottery one day haha.

I’m loving the colour combinations, what lead you to pick these colours?
Anthony – And as for the colour combo, I wanted something that stood out in a crowd and popped in the sun yet was unique in the scene. The blue changes in every picture yet is always just right. And as for the white wheels, well once again I wanted them to be different from what you normally see and i guess the blue and white just complimented each other so well, no one ever questioned it. I had a vision in my head and just made it work.
Nick – I was really jealous of the yanks getting the limited edition Scion FR-S rs.1, which came in a sunflower yellow. Seeing a yellow one with a rocket bunny kit pop up on the forums made me pull the pin on it.

What is your Instagram?
Nick – Instagram is @phat.86 . Follow me for more recent updates on the car such as turbo and a colour update.
Anthony – My instagram is @Anthjnrrex.

Spec List


Hexis sunflower yellow wrap
Ssr sp1 17×10.5 -36 17×11 -42
Hakon toe and trailing arms
Racer x fabrication upper camber arms
Bride zeta III drivers seat
Full genuine rocket bunny v2 kit
Airlift x partshopmax air suspension

Karlton flares
Sedan front end conversion
Complete lip kit from ozsti
E-wing aero designs front splitter
Carbon plus canards
Cosmis racing xt206r 18×11 +8 running 265/35 achilles tyres
Wrapped in 3M sky blue vinyl.
Airlift performance struts with the autopilot v2 management from bag riders
2006 sti 6speed, brembos
Diff, control arms
Drive shafts
Whitelineswaybars and solid endlinks
Standard wrx turbo, up-pipe and dump pipe bolted onto the n/a 2.0r engine and just tuned by myself.



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