During the week of WTAC 2016, I did countless amounts of shoots and one of them happened to be (unexpectedly) this 2007 BMW 130i E87. It’s not every day you see a modified E87 coming from Melbourne, especially to this extent. This very E87 also happens to be the first “bagged” 1 Series BMW in Australia. I saw down with Nim to get to know him know the car a bit better I hope you enjoy the interview and photos.

Words & Photo by Kevin Phetrasi

What made you want a BMW 130i E87?
I never wanted a BMW as my first car. Was actually dying to get a Datsun 240Z but for some reason, my dad was convinced I would have a crashed on my P’s, so no “airbag” no deal. Before owning this car I had a hand-me-down 2006 BMW 120i E87. It wasn’t what I wanted but considering I hadn’t seen anyone mod this car in Australia at the time I took the opportunity to try and do something unique. This car had gone through a few front bars and being static, 50mm off the ground with Genuine BBS RS’. I had to do the entire body kit plus lights. However end goal was to always have bags, and I felt the need for something slightly faster and more reliable. I chose the 130i because I wasn’t finished with the E87. I still have so much I want to do to it, and I still kept chasing this sense of uniqueness. No one in Australia had bagged one of these cars and so I decided I’d do it. It’s a decision I definitely do not regret.

What is your story behind such a unique build?
I had bought the car in early July 2016, unseen from Perth. Although some of the paint work was slightly worn the car was mechanically perfect. I had fitted the exhaust from my previous e87 after two weeks with no intention of doing anything further for the rest of the year. After being pestered by my mates day in and day out they had finally convinced me, one month out of WTAC I decided to get it done for the event. The process took a while ordering the parts from the US, having items on back order and so forth. The build was such a rushed job as we only started installing parts two weeks out from the event. From fitting the AirLift Struts, to the Elevel, to flow skirts, to the bumpers, the boot install and the splitters Struts on the day of the drive to Sydney. However I still had to swap tanks and finish mounting down the bootsetup the night before WTAC and then prep the car for the show. I Finished this by 6:30am with a bump in of 7:30am.

What is the car community like in Melbourne in your opinion?
At the moment I feel the Melbourne scene is at a low, it’s gone a bit quiet. You’ve got some people who care about bragging rights, others chasing power, but on the whole it’s pretty diverse range of cars (except for the abundance of 86s haha) and diverse range of people from all walks of life.

How does the community feel about your e87?
I’m honestly not too sure. I feel for some people they see my car and feel like it’s just another “Golf on bags” sort of thing. But then those who have a more keen eye probably respect the uniqueness of it, as it’s the only one series on air. I think with the direction I’m going with my car now, there will be a clear divide between people who think it’s stupid and pointless, versus a group of people you think it’s crazy, out there, and creative. Stay tuned! 😉

What’s the hardest thing you experienced while building your car?
Finding out information. I found it next to impossible trying to source parts, finding information for fitment specs and all that. Fitment definitely the hardest as with each wheel I go in blind and just try to make it work. Sourcing parts like body kits and stuff locally were a major issue as when I first started there only seemed to be one supplier which didn’t have exactly what I was looking for. It’s not a common car to modify, especially in Australia, so finding out information and sourcing parts was definitely a challenge.

Any advice you want to give to any other e87 owners?
Be bold. Be creative. On a world stage, it’s very easy to just replicate someone else’s build. Try and make your car different and don’t be afraid to try parts of other cars and retro fit them to yours. You’ve got to be bold and if you like the idea of something that hasn’t been done before, just do it.

What has been your favourite part about being in the car scene?
Definitely the people I’ve met. It’s such a diverse bunch of people in the car scene from all walks of life. I’ve made some really good life long friends through the car scene. Also, the criticism that you receive for your build, both good and bad, it helps motivate you to continuously improve your build and make it as best as you can.

Who inspired you and your build?
I’d have to say my close friend at this stage. I’ve always had the want to build something similar to what I have now, but it wasn’t until my close friend had done it to his car that I realised I could turn my dream into a reality. I guess this passion started off by watching videos of shows in the U.S. and Japan such as H2Oi and StanceWars etc.

Go check out his Instagram: @nim_e87

Spec List
* Genuine 18inch Oz Futuras
* 18×8 18×9 +35 all round
* With spacers specs are 18×8 +20 (front) and 18×9 +15 (rear)

* AirLift Performance Struts all round for BMW 1 Series
* Hard Race rear camber arms
* Custom Adjustable Toe Arm
* E92 M3 control arms
* 2x 444cc compressors
* Polished aluminium 5gal tank

* Flow Designs Lip kit all round with Custom front lip
* 1M rep bar from Eurodivision
* Carbon fibre front lip suited for genuine 1M bar
* Fog Lights delete
* Neodymium Chrome Splitter Struts
* Kidney Grills

* Custom catback dual exit twin tip exhaust system by Exhaust World
* BMW Performance BBK upgrade
* Includes 6pot fronts and two pot rears
* DBA t2 rotors
* Project mu hc800 pads

* Custom floorboard boot install

Instagram: @nim_e87

Special thanks to:
* Mike from House of Stance
* Von Brothers engineering
* Airride * Eurodivision
* Flow Design Australia
* Exhaust world
Function Autoworks
* Luxury Wheels and Tyres
* Wheel Max
* Star Auto Group
* OneStance
* And the amazing people who came over to help me with the build.



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