Does Vaderr ring a bell to you? Well it should, we featured his Golf GTI last year and his back this year bigger, better and wider than ever before. We have been following Jon Speet and his ridiculously phat Golf R for awhile now, and we all know he doesn’t keep to just one set of wheels, he’s gone through 8 sets to find the right one for this car. That’s right 8 freaking sets of wheels! But looking at it now we are hoping he will keep these fresh BBS RS’ for quite some time. Khang Nguyen from Fueled by Khang was able to take some sick shots for us so we like to thank him for that and we hope you enjoy the photos and the rest of the feature.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, I work Nightshift for Woolworths and am an avid Car Enthusiast. I own a White Mk6 Golf R. Coming from a Green Mk5 GTI.

What made you pick the Golf R?

Just made sense really. I was wanting a bigger Turbo on my GTI and was wanting more grip. I also wanted a new car. Figured I’d kill a few birds with one stone and just upgrade to a Mk6 R.

What has been the hardest thing on your car that you worked on, and what did you do to fix it?

Most definitely the Over Fenders. Had many issues in the beginning, but in the end it got to a point where I’m happy with it. There are still a few things I want to do like remove the bolts and mould the kit, but that will happen in time. Right now I just want to enjoy it.

The widebody you got on just makes your Golf look so beasty, what made you want to get them?

Saw a mate’s Rocketbunny 86 constantly. I said to myself “I freaking love this. I want my R to have something similar.” and the rest is history.

I can see you have some fresh shoes on, for the people that are reading this, can you tell us what are they, the size and offset and how far you went to be able to fit these on. I would love to hear the story of that?

Ahh yes, the BBS RS’s. Well, they’re 17×11 +3 and 17×12.5 -3. Import Monster handled most of the logistics and sourcing stuff while Roman and I built the wheels together. Sourced the lips from Craig @ Whitehorse Industries and Aaron sorted the rest of the stuff out at Import Monster.

The lengths I went to get these to fit aren’t really that bad, but at the time I was dreading it. Firstly I got a set of 235/45 and 255/45 tyres. Thinking I’d retain some meat and still get stretch. They didn’t let me air out at all and they were way too big. I then downsized to some 215/45’s and 245/40’s. Massive mission to get these to fit. Can’t thank Roman @ Import Monster enough for the work he put into making them fit.

To get them to fit, I’m running Airlift Performance Camber Tops that are maxed out. Megan Racing Roll Centre Adjusters and Superpro Ball Joints on the front. Rear was actually rather easy to fit. Just running stock camber arms and Spulen Toe/Camber Arms got them to fit nicely. DHF sorted the alignment out, but still need a big more camber on the rear I reckon. Looking at about -5.9 degrees squared.

What would be your advice to people wanting to get into the car scene?

Follow your own goals and vision. Don’t build/modify your car for someone else. We all started out with the minor mods like plastidipping badges, wheels, and changing minor things. Over time you progress to bigger and crazier things once you learn how to do that sorta stuff. Pick people’s brains. They’ve been where you are and hopefully they’re willing to share their experiences and help you out.

I’m always happy to help people with questions about fitment, airbags and anything VW/Audi related.

What motivates you to keep modifying?

My vision really. I think I’m done with something, then I see something pop up and I’m like “Wow, that’d look good on my car.” or “That goes well on this car. Maybe I can modify it to work on mine too?”

Do you have plans to keep working on your car? If so what will you be working on?

Of course. It’s a never ending cycle. I hate to say it, but more wheels. I want to keep the BBS RS’s for a long time as they’ve always been my favourite wheels, but I’m always looking into new ones. A few cosmetic changes and eventually some further engine work. It’s currently just “Stage 2+” in VW terminology and is basically running most bolt-ons bar a bigger Turbo.

What would be your next car to modify?

I’ve wanted to Modify a G3 Subaru WRX or STI Hatch for so long. It’s probably the next car I’d go for. Similar mods to the R. Over Fenders/Widebody, Bags, and Bolt-Ons.

Any advice to people that want to follow in your foot steps?

Do as you please. We all start somewhere. No one starts out doing an insane build without the help of others. We all started with minor mods then eventually grew into something bigger where our full vision was realised. If you have questions, ask them. Do not be discouraged, there are people out there that want you to fail, but there are also those who want you to succeed.

Lets get some people following you, what is your Instagram?


Was there any one you want to thank?

Special Thanks:

Aaron & Roman From Import Monster
Jay From Von Brothers
Brad From Heasman Steering
Tim From DubAddiction
Craig From Whitehorse Industries
Josh from A.A. Vinney’s Metal Polishing & Electroplating
Khang from Fueled By Khang
Dink & Harsha From DHF Tyres
Aron & Tarek From Most Wanted Garage

Spec List

-Driver Motorsport Stage 2+ Engine Tune
-Driver Motorsport Stage 2+ DSG Tune
-Autotech Fuel Pump Upgrade
-Turbosmart Kompact Dual Port
-CTS Turbo Intake
-CTS Turbo 3″ Downpipe
-CTS Turbo Torque Arm Insert
-OEM Audi R8 Coilpacks
-OEM Audi R8 Oil Cap


-Airlift Performance Double Bellow Front Struts
-Airlift Slam XL Double Bellow Rear Airbags
-Airlift Performance Camber Tops
-3/8″ Air Lines
-Accuair E-Level Suspension Management
-Accuair iLevel Mobile Controller
-5GAL Colour Matched Air Tank
-AirREX Front Sway Bar End Links
-Whiteline Rear Sway Bar End Links
-Megan Racing Roll Center Camber Adjusters
-Spulen Rear Camber Arms


-Ingo Noak Custom 4-Door Over Fenders
-Smoothed Front Bar
-JC Sportline Carbon Fibre Eyelids
-JC Sportline Carbon Fibre Rear Wing Extension
-OEM Mk7 R Side Blades
-Supernova LED Dual LED Reverse Lights
-OEM U.S. Spec Dual Reverse Light
-4″ Slash-Cut Exhaust Tips
-Hakimov Carbon Door Pillars
-Original Parts Group Gloss Black VW Badges


-New South Performance Steering Wheel Boost Gauge Pod
-New South Performance Colour Matched Boost Gauge
-P3 Cars Colour Matched Multi-Gauge with Track Pack
-Supernova LED Full LED Interior Kit with Red Footwell Lights
-Original Parts Group Golf R Footrest Cover Kit
-Original Parts Group Golf R Steel Cutout Seat Lever Inserts
-Candy White Exposed Air Tank
-Volkswagen Racing Metal Shift Extensions


-Akebono Ceramic Brake Pads
-DBA T2 Kangaroo Paw Rotors

Current Wheels

-BBS RS – 17×11 +3 / 17×12.5 -3



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