If Apollo Arrow Hyper car is Gumperts glorious resurrection and if a shark could move at 220 mph, it would look something like this. Revived from bankruptcy and rebranded to Apollo in 2015 it made its appearing at Geneva Motor Show in 2016. We will definitely keep an eye out for any updates and keep you guys in the loop.

• V8 4.0l Twin-Turbo, 1000 PS, 1000 Nm & 2-flow exhaust system
• Cylinder / type / valves per cylinder: 8 / 90° – V / 4
• Cubic capacity: 3,993cm3
• Stroke – bore: 89mm – 84.5mm
• Emission standard: Euro 5

1. Fully synchronised sequential 7-gear CIMA transmission, Twin plate clutch configuration,
Self-locking differential by Torsen
2. Traction control system (ASR) variable adjustable with switch-off function
3. Individual gear transmission ratios on request
4. S1000 reinforced transmission with optimised cooling system, apollo TT40e
electronic gear system with paddle shift
5. Launch control available on request

1. Two-seater super sports car with mid-engine arrangement
2. Chrome molybdenum steel tube frame (powder coated) and integrated carbon/kevlar safety cell
3. Carbon car bodyshell, carbon/aluminium sandwich underbody
Visible carbon fibre airbox for reinforced RAM Air effect
4. Visible carbon fibre areas
5. Aerodynamic package for optimised downforce & Gullwing doors

1. Competition suspension fully adjustable in bump and rebound rates (high & low
2. Automatic ride-height control system (at front and rear suspension)
Air lift system Airjack (including instruments)
3. Manually adjustable ride-height (basic ground clearance) via pushrods between 40 mm and 120 mm plus automatic niveaulift system to add 40mm more ground clearance (at front and rear suspension)
4. AP Racing high-performance braking system with Bosch ABS
5. 2-piece inside ventilated AP Racing brake discs (378mm at front and rear)
6. 6 piston caliper
7. Electrical parking brake
8. Brake calipers available in individual colours
9. Electric Power Steering (EPS)
10. Removable and manually adjustable steering wheel

• Long double wishbones
• Anti-roll bar (adjustable)
• Pushrod
• Damper configuration – lengthwise

• Long double wishbones
• Anti-roll bar (adjustable)
• Pushrod
• Damper configuration – crosswise

The contact patch between tyre and street is maximised at any stage of driving enabling powerful suspension kinematics and thus maximised lateral G-Forces.

• Length: 4890 mm
• Width: 1992 mm (2185mm with mirrors)
• Height: 1224 mm
• Wheelbase: 2700 mm
• Wheel gauge front/back: 1670 mm / 1598 mm

• Kerb weight: < 1300 kg • Laden weight: Up to 1600 kg • Approved axle load front / back: 650 kg / 950 kg WHEELS
• Wheel rim type: Flow formed monoblock cast wheels with centre lock fixing
• Wheel dimensions front / back: 10,5J x 20 / 12,5J x 21
• Tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2
• Tyre dimensions front / back: 265 / 35 R20 – 325 / 30 R21

Individual colour combination with visible carbon areas

85 L stainless steel tank with integrated catch tank, baffles and lift pump system
One in-tank and two main high-pressure motorsport fuel pumps

Our tube frame passed all crash tests for street legality and fulfils FIA motorsport regulations. Our carbon/Kevlar monocoque and crash box combined with one of the most powerful braking systems available add even more protection.



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