It was hard to imagine when McLaren came out with the P1 that it could get much more extreme than that. Then they released the P1 GTR. Confined to the track, the P1 GTR was Woking’s answer to Ferrari’s XX models: a road-going supercar converted not for racing, but for the amusement of big-spending clients.

A handful of those customers, though, opted to have theirs converted back to road-going spec, leaving a street-legal hypercar even more extreme than the one on which it was based. And one of those is available for purchase.

Listed on for sale in Amsterdam is one of those rare P1 GTRs converted by Lanzante Motorsport. Informally known as the P1 LM, it retains the GTR’s 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 hybrid powertrain in all its 987 horsepower of glory, but ditches the pneumatic jack and fits new wings, seats, windows, and other components to make it (marginally) more suitable for use on public roadways.

RM Sotheby’s has one coming up for auction next month in Italy. But if you can’t wait that long (or don’t want to risk missing out to a higher bidder), this example – looking sinister all murdered out in black– is listed for sale for €3.3 million (€3.993 with tax) and can be had as fast as you can get the cash together.



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