The 2018 Honda Pilot is going to feature a number of changes compared to the previous models, although we have yet to receive any solid information on the matter. Still, here is what we have for the time being:

The release date is either late 2018 or early to mid 2019, unless there are major changes at play.

The price tag on the 2018 Honda Pilot is not easy to pin down. Earlier models did not sell for less than $31,000 so this one will likely follow suit.

The biggest thing about the exterior of the 2018 Honda Pilot is going to be the further development in its platform.

The superior performance it has to offer, in addition to a slightly superior engine is expected to produce far better driving results.

The overall dimensions are not expected to change, which is odd considering yet another increase in indoor space, so this is likely due to a changed seating and cabin arrangement.

The largest external changes are mostly going to be focused on the new grille complete with a matching set of LED headlights, plus taillights in the rear.

The optional equipment is likely going to involve larger wheels (20 inches and more) as well as a panoramic roof. Overall, we can expect an even beefier vibe from the new Pilot, in addition to a minor change in design.


One of the largest grief’s with the ongoing model is the interior. While it is spacious and quite well made, some of the design choices are less than ideal, and we can agree with many people that want to see upgrades here.

This time, the emphasis is on the third row of seats, which are rumored to be more adult-friendly. Controls and the dashboard are likely to remain roughly the same, which a good thing is considering that the earlier layout had quite a bit of fans – we included.

The infotainment is top notch, complete with an 8-inch touch screen and optional satellite navigation. Otherwise, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB make the bulk of the connectivity options for this model.

The upholstery is just as nice as ever, with lots of fine leather and built for comfort. The heated steering wheel is also a nice touch.


The base engine in the rumored 2018 Honda Pilot is still expected to be the same 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6. However, this time around it might get a small bump to around 300 horsepower and closer to 270 lb-ft of torque. The increase of 20 hp should affect performances, and it could offer more than before but do not expect it to beat sporty sedans.



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