It has been a long time coming but we pulled through! We got the talented Ricky Rigutto and Sydney’s best looking Evo together for an epic photoshoot and Ricky’s photos are nothing short of greatness. Having featured Luke’s never forgotten S2000 we already knew that his next project was going to be next level and with the Midnight Purple III painted by Queen St, It was guaranteed to break some necks anywhere he goes. Concept Garage did an amazing job on the body as well let’s not forget that. We hope you enjoy Ricky’s set and my interview with Luke.

Shots were taken up in the Blue mountains near Mt Wilson just in case people were wondering.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a Finance Broker at SF Capital and Business Graduate of UTS.

In my spare time, I enjoy cruising open roads, playing basketball and snowboarding.

How did you come across the EVO and what made you want to get it?

My previous car was an S2000, which is featured on Street Cover as well, although it was a fun car it wasn’t practical.

As a 21st birthday present to myself and celebration of getting my full licence, I thought it was time to get something turbo and more practical – an Evo 9.

I scoured Car Sales every day for over 6 months until I found the right bone stock Evo.

Tell us more about the car and what have you done so far?

Evo’s are quite popular cars so there were plenty of top quality examples. As with my S2000 I wanted to make the car stand out from the crowd but in a way that represents my style and preference. I saw a lot of the US guys going widebody which wasn’t that common in Australia yet so I set that as my first major modification.

I didn’t like the look of rivets so I spoke to Danny at Concept Garage about moulding a custom widebody kit and that’s when the snowball effect started. Moulding would require almost every panel to be resprayed so it was a no-brainer to also colour change – which I engaged Queen Street Customs for. And to complete the look we lowered the car, fitted wider wheels + tyres and finally added the big wang and canards.

At this point, the car looked fast but didn’t go fast so I enlisted the help of Benny from Benchmark Solutions for a responsive street setup. We put in a GT Pumps 712 Turbo supported by GSC S2 cams, MXP v2 manifold, ID1300 injectors, Warlboro 416 fuel pump and a MAFless flex fuel tune.

All of this pushes out 297 kw at 25 psi. Unfortunately, a restrictive exhaust and stock intercooler held us back but that will all be coming soon. Since then we did a refresh on the car by putting on BBS LM’s, carbon side diffusers and a custom rear diffuser. Again I wanted the BBS LM’s to stand out, so Benji from Just Dip it Hydrographics re-finished them in a metallic Bronze.

What has been the hardest thing on your car that you worked on, and what did you do to fix it?

I think most car modifiers can sympathise with me on this, there isn’t much that is easy because something goes wrong or there is a nuance which comes up.

Even installing a subwoofer which normally isn’t hard become hard. I was ambitious with feeding the cable through a small hole behind the glove box, it got caught around something and I haven’t been able to get it out. I gave up and cut it off as to undoing it would require removing the whole dash.

Tell us about the paint, who did it and why did you choose it?

The paint is Midnight Purple III, a factory Nissan colour offered on the R34 GTR’s. After seeing Sergio’s Midnight Purple III S15 and David Lai’s R34 GTR I set myself a goal to one day own a car in that colour. I noticed the colour would flip on different lines and edges so I was hopeful the widebody kit which added plenty of new lines and edges would be the perfect combination.

What motivates you to keep modifying?

What motivates me is the ability a modified car has to make strangers smile and start conversations. I think the positive energy from mutual appreciation is a fulfilling experience. For each car make and model, there are also communities which you would probably never come across unless you modified your car.

Being a part of these communities such as Evolution Squad is valuable in so many ways, there are lots of people out there willing to help. The Squad even attended my friend’s funeral to send him off with a parade of Evo’s – which was his favourite car.

Do you have plans to keep working on your car? If so what will you be working on?

Yes, I’ve recently gotten a more free flowing Greddy Ti exhaust and plan to retune after a new intercooler + piping setup. This should be good for about 320kw and then I think I will stop.

What would be your next car to modify?

The next car which I would just be very happy to own will be an R35 GTR.

Any advice to people that want to follow in your footsteps?

Do it once and do it properly.

The international modified car scene is evolving and with social media, there are endless amounts of inspiration, so find your top 3 -5 examples to define what you want.

Then take the time to add your personal flair to it.

Last but definitely not least, find workshops who share your vision and you work well with. Modifying a car is a heavy investment of time and money, you won’t get good returns if you don’t do your research first.

Let’s get some people following you, what is your Instagram?


Do you want to thank anyone?

Danny and Mac from Concept Garage – you guys are wizards.

Benny from Benchmark Solutions – an absolute legend who takes the time to explain and answer any questions. I know you get asked the same thing several times a day so I appreciate your patience.

Benji from Just Dip it Hydrographics – thanks for persisting to get the colour as I wanted.
Queen Street Customs – no one does Midnight Purple 3 better.
Evo Squad – thanks to all the members who have endured my noobie questions.
Ray from Raw Works – thanks for sourcing the shiny bits for the BBS LM’s.
Friends and family – thanks for giving me lifts back from dropping the car off for work, accompanying me on long drives.
Strangers – thanks for showing your appreciation, I’m glad you like the car!

Spec List

Midnight Purple III respray
Custom Cyber Evo Voltex style widebody kit by Concept Garage
Custom Varis style rear diffuser by Concept Garage
Carbon side diffusers
Carbon front diffusers

GT Pumps 712 Turbo
GSC S2 Cams, springs, retainers
ID1300 Injectors
Spoolin Up COP Kit
Warlboro 416 Fuel Pump
Benchmark Solutions MAFless Flex Tune
MXP version 2 manifold
HKS mushroom intake
Tial QR Blow Off Valve
MAP Screamer Dump Pipe
High Flow Cat
Greddy Ti Cat Back Exhaust

BBS LM’s 18×10+5 in metallic Bronze
30mm spacers in front , 15mm spacers in rear
HSD Coilover suspension
Whiteline bushings
Hardrace rear camber arms
Vikom custom quad projector headlights



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