Automotive enthusiasts look at many different factors when they organise meets and gatherings for when their peers can roll their pride and joys out of the garage and into the cool night air. Things such as location and parking spaces are key, while fairly minor details such as weather, head-count and even police presence also come into play. But there is one thing all enthusiasts (and all people as a matter of fact) enjoy that has its own special place at every meet, and that is food.

Photos by Joseph Hui / Words by Paul Pascual

The tight-knit ladies and gentlemen of ClubITR’s New South Wales division lead by front-man Felix Alim organised their monthly meet around the Holy Heffa Burger Truck outdoor establishment in Edensor Park for their May 2017 aggregation, and the turn-out was amazing, with a large show of support from members as well as other crews, groups and individuals.

ClubITR filled the car park to the brim yet still allowed their non-enthusiast counterparts enough room to park and sit down to one of the best burgers an appetite could desire. Among the crowd were some NSXs, a Ferrari 488, a handful of Evos and motorbikes and the usual band of Integras, Civics and S2000s. Those who feared the forecast of rain carpooled with friends or attended in their daily driven cars.

Although the numbers were record-breaking, the crew at Holy Heffa Burgers headed by Van and Nader, did not recoil at the amount of work they were faced with. Instead, they rallied to the call and handled it with style and confidence, cooking their burgers and fries to perfection before serving, and their shakes a fresh and unique taste. Everyone sat down at makeshift tables of pallets while milk-crates were used as chairs, an excellent and innovative way to seat the hungry at a meals-on-wheels eatery.

After everyone had eaten their fill and their burger-cravings satiated, the group gathered together for a family portrait with the Holy Heffa crew included. The rest of the evening a blur as conversations and laughs were shared between friends both new and old, introductions were struck up over burgers, cars and friends, an all-out enjoyable and relaxed environment where the friendships were priority and the cars just an accessory and common interest.

The cold weather won’t hinder ClubITR’s energy and enthusiasm; they always have and always will be an excellent group for those new and old to the game, to meet and mingle with, to talk Hondas with, and to enjoy great food together with.



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