This feature isn’t for the faint hearted, so if you don’t want to see ridiculous camber and slammed on coils then I would advise to not continue, close now, I repeat close now! But for those that want to continue reading and love camber, low and static then this feature is for you. It first made its debut at the MCM meet just before Christmas last year and photos where floating around and people going ape shit over the look of it. I remember seeing it for the first time and I knew I had to get this on Street Cover one day. Someone that can push the boundaries no matter what it is deserves recognition.

So before we start, What is your name, where you’re from something about yourself.

Hey Guys, Thanks for having me, my names Sam Dunn, I’m 22 years old from Melbourne. I work full time at Import Monster as their photographer/Website manager/Social Media Manager. I also run my own business on the side as photographer specialising in Automotive/Glamour and Events at “Sammy Dunn Photography”.

When did you pick up the 86 and why?

I brought my 86 at the end of 2015 after going through the “P-Plater life” with my Bagged and wrapped VE Commodore, I wanted to move over to the JDM scene as I knew a few blokes in the scene and I’ve always loved the look of the 86. Always thought it was a cool little car! After one day doing a shoot with a man named Chris Ling, Which basically sold me on the 86. The way he stanced it and made it look sick, It was something that I could only dream of doing and pushed me to go out and buy one!

Tell us more about the car and what have you done so far?

After having the car for just over a year, I had a few mates who had gone wide body on their 86’s.
I loved the look of it. Tough and aggressive!
After spending months on the research and asking around, it was time to go ahead and make the decision. It’s time to go Rocket Bunny!
It’s a 2012 Toyota GT86, Fitted with a Rocket Bunny V1 kit, Painted by the boys at Liquid Images Australia (Highly recommend). Flow Designs Australia front lip and side skirts. Strongest skirts going around. They have lasted some pretty bad dings! Big Country Lab Big Wing (Universal mounts).
Static, Slammed on K-Sports coilovers.
Hardrace Rear LCA / Hardrace Toe Arms. Running -14 camber on the rear, -7 on front.
Wheels are Work M1 Meisters.
18 x 9.5, -35 (215/35) Front
18 x 10.5, -46 (235/40) Rear

What has been the hardest thing on your car that you worked on, and what did you do to fix it?

I think doing the whole transitioning from the stock to wide body and cutting up the guards has been the biggest thing to come across.
Not so much an issue, Just more you don’t want to F*** it up!
Couldn’t of done it without a few blokes, Nick Ordev for all the measurements, taking the time to check everything, Peter Rosewarn from “Respect Autodesign” for helping out with all the cutting process and Zac from “Full Tilt” for his weldering skills.

What motivates you to keep modifying?

It’s like tattoo’s.. Once you start, It’s hard to stop!

Do you have plans to keep working on your car? If so what will you be working on?

Yes indeed. So I’ll be changing up the setup and taking a different turn with the car shortly. Hoping to have it all complete for WTAC 2017 up in Sydney in October.

What would be your next car to modify?

My next car that I would like to do, Definitely something Euro I think. A nice BMW or Audi would be my next turn.

Any advice to people that want to follow in your footsteps?

I think, if your gonna modify your car so it isn’t the Australian legal standards.. Do it properly. At the end of the day, we all have a passion for our cars.

Let’s get some people following you, what is your Instagram?

Instagram – @Samboatrathmullen

Do you want to thank anyone?

I think iv already thanked most people!
– Flow Designs Australia for keeping the edges of my car in tact!
– Autoglym Australia for always keeping her sparkle!
– Nick, Peter and Zac for helping this build come complete!
– Liquid Images Australia for their fresh paint work on the kit.

Spec List

2012 Toyota GT86
Rocket Bunny V1 kit.
Flow Designs Australia front lip and side skirts
Big Country Lab Big Wing (Universal mounts).
K-Sports coilovers.
Hardrace Rear LCA / Hardrace Toe Arms, -14 camber on the rear, -7 on front.
Wheels are Work M1 Meisters.
18 x 9.5 , -35 (215/35) Front
18 x 10.5 , -46 (235/40) Rear
2 and a half inch straightpipe .
WeareLikewise Shifter
Pioneer Headunit
Alpine Type R Speakers
Full Custom Boot layout



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