It goes without saying that most major celebrities are able to afford pretty awesome cars. But it often seems to be the athletes that have the most fun. There’s something about the pro athlete lifestyle that facilitates flash and exuberance, and a lot of sports figures tend to project this through the cars they choose to drive (or in some cases just collect).

Here’s a look at some of the coolest rides from prominent sports figures.

Plymouth Superbird – John Cena

John Cena is known to be a bit of a car nut, and he has a tendency to go for muscle cars rather than flashy little sports cars or luxury vehicles. He’s got a lot of different cars that most anyone would have a lot of fun owning, but nothing quite tops his orange Plymouth Superbird. Recognisable due to the wing on its back that stands higher than the roof of the car, this 1970 beauty was first made famous by the one and only Richard Petty. It’s a perfect muscle car for one of the most shredded guys in professional sports.

Chevy Camaro SS (all white) – LeBron James

This car doesn’t sound as interesting at a glance, but if you actually take a look at Lebron James’s ride it’s a pretty special one. This car actually costs somewhere in the $35,000 range, which makes it very affordable as celebrity vehicles go. But it’s clear James did some customising when he selected this beauty. The whole car is coated in a snow-white matte finish, and the rims are the same shade. It’s a fitting image for a player so far above and beyond his competition he’s been nicknamed “King James” since he was a teenager. There’s just something about the car that implies modern royalty, even if it’s far from the most expensive or glamorous option out there.

Bugatti Veyron – Cristiano Ronaldo

The Bugatti Veyron represents the other end of sports royalty—pure wealth and exclusivity. Cristiano Ronaldo still has an argument as the world’s greatest soccer player. Just recently a platform dedicated to sports odds and analysis for major events noted that he was still “the man for the big occasion,” just before he went out and scored twice in the Champions League final. Ronaldo has pulled off feats like this time and time again, ultimately earning himself enough money to buy this nearly $2 million car 50 times over (at least). It’s a gorgeous ride that looks like something out of the future of racing, and its top speed is about 400 kph.

Bentley Continental GT – Serena Williams

Serena Williams is known for a lot of things beyond her legendary greatness on the tennis court. One of them is her sense of style, and it’s on full display with her choice of an all-red Bentley Continental GT. Offering the best combination of luxury and performance money can buy, this 2013 car is about as impressive as it gets. It probably ran Williams close to $200,000, but given that she’s discussed her fondness for driving, it was probably worth every penny and then some.

1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass – George Hill

The Oldsmobile Cutlass doesn’t sound like the most exotic of celebrity vehicles, but then NBA guard George Hill isn’t exactly the flashiest or richest celebrity around either. Nevertheless, this is a really stylish, classic ride that perfectly demonstrates how athletes often seem to come up with something interesting to put in their garages. The car was featured on a site that pretty much covers all things cars, and there it was said that the design and colour scheme was meant as a tribute to the player’s former high school.



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