This is every Honda boy’s wet dream. A JDM legend.  Most enthusiasts you will ever talk to will always count this as one of those machines they’d love to have in their garage at least once in their lifetime.

It all began when Honda commissioned an Italian car designer to help them build a competitor for Ferrari’s 328 (renamed later to 348) hoping to exceed in a sports car where Ferrari had failed.

With ideas taken from fighter jets and formula one cars and testing conducted by Honda with collaboration from names such as Satoru Nakajima and Ayrton Senna, Honda was able to engineer and manufacture the ultimate supercar which provided reliability and affordability.

They labelled this the “NEW SPORTSCAR EXPERIMENTAL”, or the NSX.

So today, we’re introducing to you one of the cleanest examples of the NSX on our streets in this day and age; Nathan’s NA1 Honda NSX.

Nathan is an excellent image of what an enthusiast is all about. He has owned and piloted most of Honda’s Type R line-up than most people would even see on the road in their lifetime, but also appreciates the time, money and effort others put into their cars to the point where he will even assist you in sourcing and importing parts. When it comes to his cars, he will do whatever it takes without neglecting other aspects of his life to make sure it is nothing short of perfection.

Like most other Honda enthusiasts, the NSX has always been one of Nathan’s dreams. Starting off with an EG Civic, before progressing onto a DC5R. Nathan eventually made his way into an R34 Skyline GTR before jumping back into an EG Civic; Each car a beautiful specimen of its type. Until finally having his very own NSX.

Most of you know the time, effort and especially the money required to turn a car from a grocery getter to a head-turning grocery getter. This is definitely not a grocery getter. But it will without a doubt turn heads. NSX modifications and parts are not easy to come by at all; they are generally rare and pricey. However, Nathan hasn’t needed to do much to it to make it look and sound amazing. Quality parts, carefully planning and a bit of love were all he needed to make it what it is today.

Sporting a “Berlina Black” to rival a moonless night, seeing this beauty on the road is breathtaking yet intimidating. Its road presence enough to make you want to pull over and remove yourself from its warpath.

Some parts from the Type R variant were brought in to give the car a bit of extra appeal, the short shift kit shortening the throw and giving the driver that extra feel during gear changes and synergy with the car and of course; no less was expected of Nathan by having the highly coveted NA1R Horn Button to compliment the MOMO Tuner steering wheel to complete the cockpit.

On the outside to please the crowd, Nathan has replaced the tail lights with Car Shop Glow LED tail lights to add presence and jaw-dropping demeanour to the already aggressive rear of the NSX. This is further enhanced by the RF-Yamamoto GT Exhaust (V. 1) giving it a growl like no other. To complete the external aesthetics, a set of Rays wheels were brought in.  Carefully picked Volk Racing RE30’s; 17 x 8 +33 on the fronts while the rears sit on 18 x 9.5” +18, and what better way to hold the car to the tarmac than with Advan AD08R’s.

So what else do you need to make an already amazing car even more amazing?

Nothing, nothing at all. Nathan’s example is one of the most mouth-watering you’ll ever find. The combination of choice OEM parts and one of the most popular Japanese wheels you can get, all put in an amazing package with one of the most eye-catching cars will make for something more special than a normal car fitted with every part from a J’s Racing or Spoon catalogue. You can also rest-assured that this car is driven, with it regularly spotted in places such as Macquarie University, the CBD, his locale and random events.

Although considered a mass-produced vehicle, the NSX is a rare sight on the streets. Most NSX owners are part of clubs and close-knit groups where they can monitor the amount of NSXs in circulation and who owns them. However, this is common is many car clubs and groups.

Though a rare-sight (especially the manual transmission variants), and with the new second generation NSX now on the public market, the first generation of these beauties will become even rarer as they age but will maintain their presence, beauty, and legendary status.

We know Nathan and the great care and love he has for his toys. This one won’t be any exception. Expect to see it at meets and shows grouped with other NSXs and a large crowd gathered around them.

Author’s Notes:

I have personally had this car parked in my driveway, with a picture (albeit quite dark) to prove so. I have driven an NSX before and Nathan’s puts it to shame. By a long shot. A big thank you to Nathan for bringing his car out and letting us shoot it; and for almost getting him in trouble with the local Police. Way back when I first met Nathan through ClubITR, we talked about chasing dreams and owning one in the future. Here I am now many years later, still with the same car while he has had a R34 GTR and an NSX. Keep an eye out, I’ve heard he’s put a deposit down on an FK8 Civic Type R. Some people just walk in the light.

Full set of photos below!



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